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Burning Up Flint (Cyborg Seduction #1)(8)
Author: Laurann Dohner

“I understand. Do you pleasure yourself then? How do you do this? Do you use toys?”

She was amazed by the fact that he asked her that kind of personal question and that he even knew about sex toys. She opened her mouth and then slammed it shut.

“I’m not answering.”

He grinned. “I’ll figure it out. Spread open now, Mirasia Carver. Resisting is a waste of time.”

Gritting her teeth, she spread her legs, letting anger override her fear. He was going to do this whether she wanted it or not. She wasn’t afraid of him exactly since he hadn’t hurt her so far. He just had no idea how uncomfortable sex between them was going to be but she did. She’d kept telling herself over the past year that she really needed to get laid but this wasn’t what she’d had in mind.



Laurann Dohner

She glared at him. “I can’t stop you but please don’t hurt me.”

She shut her eyes and tensed, expecting him to just mount her and force his way into her body. Tears filled her eyes that she tried to blink back, knowing it was going to hurt, knowing there was no way it couldn’t hurt. The cyborg was large and really strong and well hung. Something that big being forced into something smaller was going to be painful.

She started a little when his hands gripped her inner thighs to spread them wider.

She glanced at him and was shocked to find him crouched on his knees facing her with his face hovering inches over her pussy. She wondered if he was examining her visually before he started whatever he was going to do to her. She jumped when his hot breath teased her exposed slit. She stared down at him. Flint looked up at her over her stomach. He chuckled and did the last thing she expected. The cyborg winked at her.

Surprise hit her at what he’d done but then he did something even more shocking.

She gasped as Flint’s tongue started to slide along the line of her cleft, sensitizing the tender flesh. His hands gripped her thighs tighter as his thumbs spread her labia wider, to expose more of her to his mouth. He flicked her clit with his tongue and then skimmed it downward until he pushed inside her pussy. She felt his tongue enter her body—hot, wet, and thick. She arched her back, squirming to get away from the pressure of the sudden entry.

She couldn’t get away from his hands or his mouth. He withdrew his tongue and swiped upward to focus on her clit with his lips and tongue. Her body went rigid at the instant pleasure his licks and gentle sucks created. It spread through her entire body. A moan tore from her as he started to apply just enough pressure and movement against her swelling nerve bundle to heighten the pleasurable sensations to pure ecstasy. She gripped the belts securing her wrists with her fisted hands just for something to hold on to.

The cyborg’s hot tongue teased and taunted her. He sucked on her and let his teeth scrape the sensitive bud he had captured in his mouth. His tongue then pushed at the hood of her clit to torment that tiny spot that drove her wild, pushing just enough against it that she knew she was going to come. She couldn’t hold back.

Her body tensed, growing tighter and tighter inside as her inner muscles clenched and quivered. Moisture flooded her pussy as moans tore from her throat. What Flint was doing to her was beyond anything she’d ever felt before with a man between her thighs. He was better than her vibrator or her own finger pleasuring herself. She bucked her hips, feeling her clit harden even further, wanting to come more than her next breath and knowing she was so damn close she was on the edge. If he stopped she was going to kill him because she would never survive if he left her hanging.

He shifted his hands on her, instantly she worried that he’d stop but that thought turned into a loud moan of sheer rapture as he pushed a thick finger inside her to fill the aching need of wanting him inside her. He curled that finger and rubbed her inner wall at the back of her clit. That was all it took for Mira to come apart under his mouth and around his finger. She screamed out his name as violent spasms seized her. Sharp 24


Burning Up Flint

blasts of pleasure surged inside her as she cried out over and over until she went limp in the aftermath.

Flint’s mouth released her clit as the finger slid out of her. She knew she was soaked as that finger spread her wetness around her sex, coating her labia. She moaned softly as his thumb brushed her oversensitive nub before stroking downward, using her wetness to make sure every part of her was coated with her slick release. She couldn’t move but the bed did though as his weight shifted on the mattress. Her eyes opened so she could stare up in wonder at Flint as he climbed over her to pin her under his body, trapping her between his hands spread on the bed next to her arms. She followed his intense gaze when he looked down their bodies and saw how aroused he was. He didn’t even have to grip his thick, erect cock to guide it into her. He was so hard he just had to adjust the angle of his hips.

The thick head of Flint’s cock pressed against her body as he teased her a little, gliding his incredibly hard blunt tip up and down her slit, spreading more of her fluids so that he was well coated too. He stilled, pressed against the entrance of her pussy, the thick head of his shaft poised there, against her opening. He slowly pushed forward, making her feel pressure before he slid inside her.

She gasped in pleasure at the wonderful sensation of her pussy being penetrated and stretched. He was so thick and she didn’t think she could take him but he didn’t give her a choice as he very slowly pushed in deeper. She shut her eyes, trying to relax.

Her muscles were protesting being forced wider than they had ever been. Her pussy was slippery wet from how turned-on she was and from coming. It helped ease him into her without pain. He drove into her deeper still, causing her to suck in air in a loud gasp. Flint froze on her, not moving at all.

“Am I hurting you, Mirasia Carver? You’re so damn tight.” Flint’s voice was unusually deep and raggedly harsh. It sounded as if the words had been torn from deep in his throat.

She saw sweat on his brow then looked into a pair of dark eyes that were raw with passion and need. He looked like a man on the edge. His shoulder-length hair fell forward next to her face. His mouth was tense and she could see a muscle jump along his jaw. He looked as if he were torn between pain and passion. She understood.

“You’re stretching me. It burns a little but it doesn’t hurt.”

Relief was obvious in his eyes. “I’m using every ounce of my self-control, Mirasia Carver. I don’t want to hurt you but you feel so damn good. You’re like a fist around me that almost hurts but nothing has ever felt better. Tell me if I injure you. I’ll try to be gentle.”

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