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The Field Party #2 - Under the Lights(4)
Author: Abbi Glines


“What made you decide to mess with crazy? Thought you’d had your fill of that already?” West Ashby asked me as we walked out of first period. It was the only class we had together. Other than being a great running back, he was also brilliant. Most of the classes he took were advanced classes. I couldn’t figure out why he did it. He’d go to college on a football scholarship. It wasn’t like he needed an academic one too.

“Not sure what you’re talking about,” I replied.

“Kimmie, man. She’s telling everyone y’all hooked up and are back together. From the way I remember, y’all were never together.”

Kimmie? Seriously? I hadn’t even slept with her, and she was telling shit. Maybe I did owe Brady a thank-you for hauling my ass home last night. “She’s lying.”

West chuckled. “Then you better straighten that out with her. Because she’s standing at your locker looking like a lovesick puppy.”

I jerked my head up and looked over at my locker. Sure enough. There stood Kimmie, smirking at me.

“Shit,” I grumbled.

“You’re gonna have to get a restraining order on that one,” West replied in an amused tone.

I needed to get to my locker, but I didn’t need to that badly. I headed down the hall for my second period.

“Good luck,” West called out behind me. I wasn’t in the mood for his humor.

I hadn’t gotten very far before a hand wrapped around my arm. “You aren’t even going to come see me? I was waiting on you!” Kimmie’s chipper voice grated on my nerves.

“Let go of my arm,” I demanded through my clenched teeth.

“But I wanted to talk to you. After last night I figured we had a lot to talk about,” she continued as if I hadn’t asked her to let me go.

I glanced over her head and saw the sign for the girls’ restroom. Before this got any more embarrassing, I shoved her toward the door, then opened it and went inside, knowing she would have to follow me if she was going to keep ahold of my arm.

She began to giggle. “Bad boy, going in the girls’ restroom.”

I dropped my books on the edge of the sink, then reached over and detached Kimmie’s hold on me. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked, stepping away from her once I was free. “I was drinking. We made out a little. Hell, I don’t remember most of it.” Okay so that was a lie. I was not drunk. Just being stupid.

Kimmie looked as if I’d slapped her. “But I thought that you wanted to get back together. I thought you liked me.”

I let out a frustrated sigh. “Kimmie. I don’t do girlfriends. Everyone in this school knows that. We were never together. We hooked up. That was it.”

Her bottom lip began to quiver, and I wanted nothing more than to grab my books and get the hell out of here.

“But—but—I thought—” she began to stammer.

“You thought wrong. But I will make you a promise. I’ll never come near you again. Drunk or sober. So back off and leave me alone.”

Kimmie let out a sob and covered her mouth, then ran for the door. I knew this time I’d just had to be straightforward. The last time she thought we were an item I had tried being nice and letting her off easy. But she’d started showing up at my house with food and stalking me. I had used Serena to show her that we were not a couple. I wasn’t in the mood to do something that drastic again.

I reached for my books just as a door to one of the stalls opened. I had thought we were alone. Smirking, I waited to see who had overheard all this. Hopefully, it was someone with a big mouth so that the rumors that I was dating Kimmie would be squashed before lunch.

One long, very tan, smooth leg stepped out. The girl was wearing some beat-up Chucks, which didn’t take away from that leg . . . . Damn that was a nice leg. I let my gaze travel up until shorts finally ended the endlessly long leg and the rest of her appeared.

Who the hell was she?

Blue eyes the color of the sky framed by thick black eyelashes stood out on her heart-shaped face. They were studying me closely, as if she wasn’t sure just what she thought of me. I quickly took in the rest of her face, full pink lips, and a perfect little nose. All in a halo of blond hair that was almost too pale to be real.

“When did you become so cruel, Gunner Lawton?” The southern drawl in her voice was smoother than those I heard around here. It had more of a musical sound. One that you could listen to for days and never get tired of.

Wait . . . she knew me. I stopped memorizing her mouth and lifted my gaze to meet hers. Who was she? I’d remember her. There was no way I had ever met her.

“You don’t know who I am, do you?” she asked, and her mouth curled up into a crooked little grin. “Figures. It’s been a while. However, I knew who you were the moment I saw you. Your voice is deeper now . . . but your eyes are the same.”

I had to shake out of this trance. She was just a girl. A seriously smoking-hot girl, but she wasn’t going to have this crazy effect on me. “Can’t say I remember you,” I finally responded.

She let out a small laugh as she washed her hands and looked at me in the mirror. “It’s okay. Brady didn’t recognize me either,” she said, then dried her hands on a paper towel. She walked toward the door and tilted her head to the side as she stopped beside me. “The tree house looks the same” was all she said before she walked out the door.

The tree house . . . Brady . . . Holy shit! That was Willa Ames.



That Was Completely on Purpose



They had turned out much like I expected. Gunner had always been cocky and sure of himself. He hadn’t been cruel as a kid, but I wasn’t surprised at what I had overheard. Beautiful Gunner Lawton ruled this town. He had money and the power of his family name, and he was breathtakingly gorgeous.

But he didn’t give me butterflies back then. Not one. That was all apparently just for Brady. Figures I’d get butterflies over the good guy who would never accept me once he knew my past. The truth behind why I was back in Lawton. My nonna would make up some lie, and everyone would believe it. I’d have to go with it if I wanted to stay here.

“Willa Ames.” Gunner called out my name, and I smiled. It hadn’t taken him long to figure it out.

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