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The Tycoon’s Captured Heart (The Boarding School #5)(8)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Several waiters arrived at that moment, pouring coffee and telling everyone to make their way to the buffet tables whenever they were ready.

The breakfast was a complete sham, Scarlett thought as she sipped her coffee and moved the fruit and eggs around on her plate. She couldn’t eat anything and she couldn’t look up because that horrible, obnoxious oaf was right in front of her. She’d thought she’d been so smart about where she’d seated herself when she’d arrived, not wanting to be seated next to Grayson as she so often was when this group got together.

“I’m sorry, everyone,” Scarlett said as she stood up. “I have a client meeting and I can’t be late.”

Grayson shook his head. “Reschedule, Scarlett. You need a few days to recover.”

Scarlett ignored him. “Thank you everyone.”

Grayson was furious that she would ignore him like that. He stood up and followed her, grabbing her arm when she brushed by him. “Who is this important meeting with that you can’t cancel?” he demanded before she could take a step away from the table.

She turned to glare up at him. “It is Jeff Desmund, if you must know. But that’s really none of your business, is it?”

Grayson’s mouth tightened in fury. “Cancel it!” he snapped, wanting to roar at her for even considering that man as a client. “He’s a womanizer and I don’t think you should be doing business with those kinds of men.”

Scarlett was stunned for a moment before she finally shook her head. “Are you kidding me? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?” After last night’s amazing pleasure and this morning’s dismissal of that pleasure, he had a lot of gall to say words like that to her!

The others at the table chuckled because each of the men had been womanizers before their women finally settled them down to blissful married life. “She has a point, Grayson,” Damon commented, his arm around Sasha who punched him in the ribs, but not hard enough to hurt. “Maybe she just needs a reason not to handle that client? Want to buy another house?” The others at the table all knew that Grayson bought a condo, house, vacation place or changed his office style whenever he wanted, or needed, Scarlett close by. And she never failed to jump at the opportunity to redecorate anything he purchased. She’d done all of their residences, offices and even some of their businesses when it was interesting enough for her.

Grayson was furious. “Stay out of this,” he snapped. “She can’t work with that man.” Turning to Scarlett, he grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side. “What’s going on? Why are you meeting a man who has dated just about every woman he comes into contact with?”

She pulled her arm out of his grip and glared up at him. Poking her finger into his chest, she said, “Don’t you dare call that man a womanizer when you’ve dated half the female population of New York City as well as too many to count in other countries.”

Scarlett hurried out of the restaurant, so furious and hurt by his attitude and his belief that he could order her around! How dare the man tell her which clients she could work with and which she needed to turn down! And damn him for telling her that she needed extra time to grieve! It was just one more signal that he thought last night was a mistake even when she considered it to be one of the most wondrous nights of her life!

She yanked the car door open and sank into the driver’s seat, thinking about the previous night. And yes, Uncle Charles was gone. That hurt, but she was glad that he had finally passed away. He’d been in so much pain at the end. The cancer had gotten too deep, been too pervasive. The chemo treatments had only slowed the cancer, not stopped it.

Once in her car, she reached for the ignition button but her hand fell away. Scarlett laid her head down on the steering wheel, trying to handle the pain of Grayson’s attitude and the loss of her uncle, all in such close proximity. It wasn’t fair! If her uncle were alive right now, she would go to him and cry on his shoulder about how angry Grayson made her. But if he were alive, Grayson wouldn’t have been at her house last night and she wouldn’t have experienced heaven in his arms. Finally.

And no matter what that horrible man said, last night hadn’t been a mistake! It had been wonderful! Magical, even. Goodness, she loved Grayson and last night had only made that love a physical need as well as an emotional one. She wanted Grayson to take her into his arms right now and tell her that everything was going to be okay. It might not be okay, but she would love to hear those words from him, to pretend for a few minutes that they were true.

Such was not her lot in life though. Lifting her head, she stared through the windshield, trying to figure out how she was going to get on with her day. She’d just have to push Grayson’s comments aside. She would focus only on how wonderful it had been to sleep in his arms last night. She wouldn’t think about his callous attitude this morning.



Chapter 3


“I need your expert advice,” Scarlett announced a couple of weeks later as she sat down among the four lovely ladies, accepting a cup of tea.

Three of the four women snickered. Livia shook her head. “I doubt we’re experts at anything other than getting pregnant,” she commented, rubbing her slightly protruding stomach. She was three months along while Sasha was about to burst with her first child any day now, Sierra was about six months along. All eyes turned to Jina who immediately blushed.

“Guilty,” she whispered as she nibbled on her fifth cookie. “Morning sickness leaves me around noon and then I can’t find enough food to fill me up,” she said, delicately trying to carefully brush the crumbs from her fingers onto her napkin.

Livia nodded her head while she pushed the cookies closer. “Been there. Done that. Don’t ever want to deal with that again!”

Scarlett sighed. “You’re all experts, obviously,” she said, gesturing to all of their pregnancies. “You must be doing something right to be with the men in your lives. You’re all madly in love and expecting so you qualify as experts in my book. And I don’t have anyone else to turn to.”

Sasha rubbed her back. “Well, I’d agree that we’re all mad.”

“Maybe the better term would be insane,” Sierra teased and the other women laughed.

“What kind of advice do you need?” Jina asked. The men were in the other room and Malik had their daughter, Lika, as the men discussed some sort of intricate business deal they were planning or hatching or whatever it was that five genius businessmen did when they got together. Some might even consider it “planning to take over the world” and they wouldn’t be completely off the mark. Those five men were brilliant at business and a menace to the global stock markets.

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