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The Tycoon’s Captured Heart (The Boarding School #5)(7)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Hurrying, she dressed in her favorite red dress and dried her hair so that it was a soft cloud around her shoulders. Adding a bit of lipstick and mascara and she was ready to go.

She grabbed a pair of red heels, almost running down the hallway in her urgency to see Grayson again.

“Good, you’re ready,” Grayson said, grabbing his jacket and tie. “We’re late.”

Scarlett stared at him. Where was the gentle lover of the night before? Where was the man who had held her in his arms and initiated her into the world of sensual pleasures beyond anything she’d thought possible?

And where was her coffee? He always greeted her with a cup of steaming, hot coffee and a teasing wink.

“Grayson?” she called out a moment before his hand touched the doorknob of her front door. She saw him stiffen and his shoulders sag as he accepted that they weren’t getting out of this house without a conversation about last night.

“I’m sorry Scarlett,” he finally said as he turned to face her. The yellow flecks in his dark eyes were almost non-existent now as his brown eyes apologized to her. As she looked up at him, she felt a sickness in her stomach. “You were upset about the funeral last night. You were grief stricken and,” he sighed, running a hand over the back of his neck. “And I took advantage of you.”

Her heart felt as if it was going to explode. He thought he’d taken advantage of her? Had he been there with her during everything they’d shared? If anything, she’d taken advantage of him! “You think last night was all about my grief?” she whispered, unable to accept that he really believed that.

Those hard, brown eyes looked down at her, not revealing anything he might be thinking. They never did, she thought. His eyes might glow or be hard, but she never really knew what he was thinking. “Wasn’t it?” he asked, his body tense, his shoulders stiff with the tension.

She saw his “stand off” signals and couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t really doing this, was he? She’d heard of morning after regrets, but she’d never thought that Grayson would do this.

But he was! He was rejecting everything they’d shared last night. Impossible as it seemed, he was going to pretend that last night didn’t mean as much to him as it did to her.

Toughening up, she straightened her shoulders and hid her emotions behind a blank face. “Of course,” she snapped at him. “Because I’m one of those silly females who can’t figure out what’s going on inside her head. I misinterpreted what you were feeling too, didn’t I?” she almost growled. She was so furious, so dumbfounded that he was switching gears once again. Last night had nothing to do with grief and everything to do with finally being with the man she’d loved for years. And he was sullying that! He was making her sound like a witless idiot! “Listen, buddy,” she snarled, “If you think that’s all last night was about, then you’re an ass.”

She bowed her head and looked down at her feet, her toes curling up inside her red shoes as the shame and anger swamped over her. “So yes. Let’s just say that’s all it was. And thank you for hurrying. You’re right.” She ached as she said those words and wanted to stomp on his thousand dollar loafers with her spike heel. She took a deep breath, pulling in her temper and savoring her anger. This man was an idiot! And a womanizer to boot. He was just trying to get out of the morning-after-tension by making excuses. Which was what all womanizers do when they can’t escape fast enough. “We’re going to be late.”

With that, she stepped forward, opening the door herself and stepping into the cool morning. Lifting her head up to the morning sunshine, she prayed that she wouldn’t start crying. That would make all of this so much worse!

Instead of stepping into the limousine that was waiting for Grayson and surrounded by his bodyguards, she walked over to her garage and unlocked her own car. Her little Miata roared to life and she backed out of the garage, ignoring Grayson’s furious expression as he watched her zoom down the driveway. She wiggled her fingers at him before she shifted gears and sped away.


“Damn woman!” he muttered. “Let’s go!” he ordered to his security team. Not for the first time did he grumble about the need for bodyguards. He hated being surrounded by all of these people. He wanted to get into a car and speed off. He wanted to race ahead of that damn woman, yank her out of the car and kiss her until she admitted that last night wasn’t just about her grief.

A half hour later, when he stepped out of the vehicle at the restaurant, he looked through his sunglasses, his eyes searching out the one woman he wanted to see. The one woman he needed to make sure was okay. She’d been driving too fast and he was going to have words with her about that. Maybe he’d spank her adorable bottom for being so reckless. And for whatever the hell she’d said before she’d stormed out of her house.

Initially, he’d been too furious with himself to actually hear what she’d said to him. But as his chauffer drove through the crowded city streets, his mind went over her words. What did she mean? She’d said something about him assuming…hell, he’d been too angry with himself to actually listen.

When he approached the table, he noticed that everyone was already seated. And Scarlett was flanked by Stefan and Malik with their wives on the opposite sides of each of them. The only available chair left was on the far side of the table.

Pulling out the chair, he glared across the table at the little blond woman in the alluring red dress. Why the hell was she wearing red? She wore red too often. And she looked too damn good in it! Blonds weren’t supposed to look good in red. But she did.

“What’s going on?” Harrison asked, his eyes glancing back and forth between Scarlett and Grayson. “I thought you stayed at her place last night, watching out for her.”

“I did,” he snapped and pulled his napkin down over his lap.

Damon’s eyes narrowed. “So why didn’t you give her a ride?”

Grayson turned his furious eyes to the other man. “Because she…” he started to say something but Scarlett interrupted. “I’m perfectly capable of getting myself to any event. I don’t need overbearing, overly protective giants who think they…” she stopped, realizing that she was revealing too much. “I’m here, safe and sound. Enough said.”

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