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The Tycoon’s Captured Heart (The Boarding School #5)(4)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Oh to be inside that man’s head, she thought.

Or maybe not. She didn’t want to know if he still thought of her as a little girl. She was a woman now. And she had needs like any other woman!

She should just find another man to date. A blond man, she thought. Someone short and skinny. Someone who was easy to talk to.

The complete opposite of Grayson!

Scarlett sighed and rolled onto her side, punching the pillow. That wasn’t completely true and she was simply creating problems with Grayson and her relationship with him to make herself feel better. There had been many times that she and Grayson had talked for hours! Just a few months ago at Stefan’s wedding, it had ended up being just the two of them talking after everyone else had gone to bed. That had been nice, she thought. All the others had their spouses and had been eager to sneak up to their suites at the hotel, but she and Grayson had been…well, they’d sort of been stuck with each other. And it had been so nice, dancing in his arms, walking down the aisle on his arm. They’d just been bridesmaid and groomsman, but she’d pretended like it was their wedding, that she’d just promised her life to his and they would live happily ever after.

She sighed again and the sound echoed throughout the room.

She wasn’t ever going to get any sleep, she muttered.

Slapping the sheets back, she slipped out of bed. Listening carefully, she didn’t hear anything. Noises from Grayson’s room were silent now, indicating that he was asleep.

Slipping out of her room, she tiptoed down the hallway. She’d just made it to the top of the stairs when an arm swooped under her stomach, lifting her up and pressing her against the hallway wall.

“Scarlett?” Grayson snapped as soon as he realized it was her and not an intruder. “What the hell are you doing?”

Scarlett wasn’t hurt but she was definitely stunned. The man wasn’t wearing a shirt! And…well…she was wearing one of his!

“What are you wearing?” he demanded softly but with a definite husky quality to his voice when his eyes moved down her figure. His voice was even deeper as he said, “Hey, that’s my shirt.”

Darn him for the stupid monogrammed initials, she thought! “I…um…couldn’t sleep. I was just going downstairs for some warm milk.”

He looked down at her, not sure if he believed her or not. “Where did you get my shirt?” he asked.

He was trying very hard not to react, but her soft body felt so incredibly good against his. And he’d only paused to pull on his slacks before he came out of his bedroom to find out who was sneaking around the house. Never would he have imagined that it was Scarlett. In his shirt!

And she looked hot! Her long, slender legs were poking out the bottom and she hadn’t buttoned it up high enough on top. He could see the curve of her breast, the shadow of her cleavage. Damn, she smelled good! Hell, she always smelled good.

“You couldn’t sleep,” he repeated, his mind trying to figure out what that really meant because the words weren’t sinking in. Not with Scarlett in his arms, practically naked. And smelling better than anything he’d ever smelled before!

“I couldn’t sleep,” she whispered. She could feel her breasts swelling, her nipples puckering as she pressed against his hard, muscular chest. She could smell the musky, masculine scent of him and the toothpaste he’d used. His hair was still damp and…oh, that chest!

When her hands fluttered around then slowly settled onto his bare skin, she tested movement, feeling the warmth under the steel of his muscles. He was real, she thought. His skin was warm and amazing. Her fingers moved again, feeling the slight layer of dark hair and that felt even better.

She wasn’t aware of her hips moving, shifting to accommodate him better. But she was desperately aware of his erection, of the way it pressed into her belly. From what she could feel, that thing about big feet…it was true!

“Grayson,” she whispered his name, her body shifting once again, her fingers moving along his skin. He hadn’t moved an inch except for his hands tightening on her waist.

She looked up at him, could barely see his eyes but she knew that they were a deep brown, so special and so amazing. They saw everything.

“Would you…” she hesitated, unable to say the words that would bring his head down.

Grayson heard the strange sound in her voice and his body hardened even more. Could Scarlett possibly want him as much as he wanted her? Impossible. But then her hips shifted again. He felt her fingers move lower on his chest.

All the signs were there, but he still didn’t move. He didn’t release her, but he didn’t react to the signs that, with any other woman, would have told him to lift her into his arms and make love to her. Not Scarlett. She didn’t think of him that way.

And yet, her fingers moved again. He caught the look underneath those long, dark eyelashes even in the dim light from the moon outside the window.

With a growl, he bent his head, testing the signals. He wouldn’t kiss her. Not like he wanted to. But just a chaste kiss. A kiss on her cheek. A brotherly kiss, he promised.

She moved her head, catching that kiss on her lips. He didn’t move for a long moment but then her lips shifted under his. He felt that. For perhaps a fraction of a moment, he didn’t move, didn’t even breathe. But when her lips touched his, moving underneath his, he couldn’t hold back. For too long, he’d fantasized about this woman, about the way she would feel in his arms. And as he lifted her up, he realized that she felt even better.

He kissed her all the way back to his bedroom, not letting her think long enough to change her mind. This was Scarlett! And she was kissing him back! The most beautiful woman in the entire world was kissing him and he was starving for this kiss. He laid her down on his bed, still kissing her. Resting his weight on his elbows, he kissed her until he felt her shift underneath him, her legs lifting up to cradle his erection against her heat. He groaned as he reveled in that damp heat but he still wouldn’t stop kissing her.

But then her hands moved against his chest and he couldn’t control the raging desire. It was too much. It was so much better than all of his fantasies. She was here, in his arms and she was kissing and touching him.

With deft fingers, he tore the material away from her slender body, his hands moving down, cupping her breast. When he heard her gasp, he watched her features, making sure he didn’t hurt her but his thumb moved across the pointed nipple, amazed at how perfect she was. Over and over again, he flicked that hard nubbin, his body in pain as she pressed her heat against his groin.

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