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The Tycoon’s Captured Heart (The Boarding School #5)(3)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Scarlett shook her head and glanced down at the countertop where the caterers had stacked up various serving platters and silverware. They’d provided most of the items for the reception, but she’d supplemented with a few of her own favorite pieces. Grayson didn’t want to know what she was thinking though. He’d be uncomfortable if he ever knew all the fantasies starring his magnificent physique. “Nothing important. Thanks for your help cleaning up,” she told him as she loaded up the dishwasher. “The caterers did most of the cleanup. Thanks for hiring them,” she told him.

Scarlett turned around but she wasn’t aware that Grayson had been so close. Suddenly, his muscular arms were around her waist, holding her steady and everything changed. He was here. His arms were around her. All the emotions and feelings she’d hidden from this man rose up, her mouth falling open as she realized at least a small part of her fantasy coming true. Now, if only he would…

In just her stocking feet, the top of her head didn’t even come up to his chin. She stared at his neck, seeing his Adam’s apple move slightly.

Looking up at him, seeing the same desire in his eyes that she was feeling, she wanted to shout at him to do something about it, to make a move.

But he pulled back, his hands slipping off of her waist.

Scarlett sighed with frustration. The moment was gone.

Someday, somehow she would build up enough courage to just walk up to him and kiss him, to show him how much she loved him.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t that day.

“Go to bed,” he told her, his deep voice huskier than normal. “I’ll sleep in the guest room.”

Scarlett gripped the edge of the countertop. “There’s no need. But thank you.”

Grayson saw the sadness in her eyes and reacted to it. There was no way he was letting her sleep in this house alone tonight. She was sad, exhausted, vulnerable and looking more beautiful than any woman he’d ever known in his life. “There’s every need,” he argued. “Go to bed, Scarlett.”

Scarlett watched him for a long moment and thought she could detect a battle waging inside the man. Was she just imagining that? Or was she hoping that he was fighting the same demons, the same desire that she was battling?

In the end, she just walked out of the kitchen, bowing her head with both fatigue and frustration as she walked up the stairs.


Grayson watched the woman of his dreams, literally and figuratively, walk up the stairs, her shoulders sagging with the pain of her loss.

If he thought it would make a difference, he would take her into his arms and kiss her until she was shivering with excitement. But that was what he needed. Scarlett just needed a friend, someone to be there for her. She definitely didn’t need a lust-filled night of sex. Sex that would take their minds off of the loss of the man they all loved very deeply.

When she turned the corner and he couldn’t see her any longer, he bowed his head and tried to get a grip on this need. He’d wanted her for so long, he felt as if he was damned to eternal, unsatisfied sexual need. Every once in a while he would find a woman that he’d hoped would take his mind off of his feelings for the beautiful blond woman, but after a few weeks or, if he were lucky, a few months, he would accept that she wasn’t Scarlett. So far, no woman had been able to obliterate his hunger for the slender blond with blue eyes that could look deep into a man’s soul and make him want to be better.

He poured another slug of scotch and slung it back, wishing that it could help ease the need. It never did. Nothing helped. Nothing but a few weeks in a bed with that woman would help him.

And since that was out of the question, he was doomed.

“Hell,” he muttered and went around the house, turning off lights and making sure the doors were locked. He glanced out through the windows and saw his bodyguards patrolling the perimeter. At least he could keep her safe, he thought. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

When all the lights were turned off, he walked up the stairs, turning right and moving into the guest bedroom. It was decorated in masculine colors which soothed him. Not as much as being in her frilly bedroom might, he thought. He didn’t give a damn what the bedroom looked like as long as Scarlett was curled up next to him. Or underneath him. Or on top of him.

“Hell,” he said again and stepped into the bathroom, turning the water on in the shower so that it was as cold as possible. It only helped marginally. Stepping out of the shower, he dried himself off and slipped into bed.

Staring up at the ceiling, he wondered what Scarlett was doing. Was she crying? She’d buried her last relative today. It had been a long day, full of tearful remembrances as well as happy ones. It had ended well, he thought, overall. Would she still be upset?

And what the hell was going on with the other guys tonight? There had been some strange looks passing among them. He had no idea what was wrong, but they were all meeting for breakfast tomorrow. He’d demand answers as soon as he got them all alone.


Scarlett lay in bed, her eyes staring up at the ceiling and wondering what Grayson was thinking about. He was so close. What would he do if she slipped into his bed, curled up next to him? She’d decorated that bedroom with him in mind, making sure all the colors were dark and masculine, that the bed was long enough for his enormous height and that all of the toiletries were there for his convenience.

Would he find the toothbrush? And the shampoo he preferred? The only reason she knew which products he liked was because she’d stayed in his homes over the years. She’d snooped as she’d decorated his living spaces. And Scarlett had savored every detail she discovered about the man. She’d felt like a stalker, but what was a woman to do? She was so in love with the man, so proud of all he’d accomplished. He was extraordinary and no other man could compare. His features were harsh to some, but she loved that granite hard jawline, that slight dimple in his cheek that not many people saw because it was only revealed when he smiled. Unfortunately, Grayson didn’t smile often. Oh, and that thick black hair, making his jaw shadowed even though he might have shaved just hours ago.

Goodness, everything about the man enticed her – from his broad shoulders to his large feet. She smiled into the darkness, wondering if the thing about feet and penis-size was true. She could feel her face flaming even in the darkness and she rolled over, groaning at the image of a naked Grayson popping into her mind. Pulling the pillow over her head, she tried very hard to keep herself from thinking about him. About all those muscles and the way he could look at her and she knew…she just knew that he was thinking about her.

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